Dating a Military Man – Your Dream Guy?

The old saying goes that women “love a man in uniform.” That fact is still true and there are quite a few women finding themselves attracted to a military man.

Dating a Military Man Means A Mix of Fear and Pride

If you are going to make the commitment to date a military man, then you are most likely going to face facts that he is likely at some point to be deployed overseas, possibly in a dangerous area of the world. This is very common, especially nowadays with troops being sent to places like Iraq or Afghanistan on a regular basis.

If you are truly committed to your relationship with your military man, then you should be adult enough to accept that fact since in essence, war is his vocation and he probably signed up in the military to protect and serve because he loves his country and wants to be a part of helping keep it safe.

If you expect your dating relationship to withstand this sort of test, then you have to support him and not be clingy or whine about him having to go. He may be just as nervous about the deployment as you are, but he’s not going to let you know that in most situations.

Stay Abreast of Current News

If you are dating a military man, it’s not a bad idea to stay in the know about current affairs and what’s going on in the world. Most military members follow the news closely since it can affect what happens to them or their units. It also shows that the woman is interested in the political or other information that can affect her boyfriend’s life and career. If you can talk intelligently with your man, he is going to be that much closer to you because you have a better idea of what he is going through.

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Learn How to Understand His Job

Hurry up and wait is a phrase all military members are very familiar with in reference to everything from the outcome of any military paperwork to something as simple as the time they will get off or if they may have to work on the weekend you wanted to go somewhere. If you are dating a military man, you can’t be picky or whiny about the times he can’t go somewhere or if he is a little late to dinner because he had to stay at work. It’s not like he is a 9-5 businessman, as being in the service can often mean last minute taskings or unexpected absences.

As a civilian, you have to learn to understand that being in the military is not a mere job, it’s an actual way of life and that may be somewhat hard for you to accept. If you want your relationship to work out, this is a fact that you have to get a handle on and truly accept it, or don’t even start dating a military man.

There are going to be things that happen in a military man’s life that you would never see occur anywhere else, so be prepared for this in advance. You have to always remember that the man you are dating is committed to something bigger than both of you and that will take priority.

If you resent that fact, then your relationship is not going to work, so remember that he has an important obligation and you need to deal with it together, not resent his chosen career field. The fact he is a devoted military man is part of what attracted you to him in the first place!

Why Do Women Love Military Men?

Most military men carry themselves very well and are taught to be polite, respectful and to be honest and devoted. That kind of behavior is bound to be attractive to any women as good men are sometimes hard to find. Plus, military men are clean cut and have to be in shape, so they are nice on the eyes as well.

Women want a man who is loyal to them and the fact that they can be loyal and true to the military shows them that it’s a good chance the same will be true of a relationship. Military men usually stand heads above other men in a woman’s eyes and the men know this as well as the women who want to date them. As long as you find a military guy who isn’t conceited due to this fact, then you have the makings of a good future together.

The bottom line is that dating a military single can be a very different, yet satisfying adventure. You will be a part of a world of possible danger and uncertainty and one where order and discipline are standard procedures. There is much more to your guy than the fact that he probably looks very handsome in his dress uniform or sexy in those little PT shorts. Learn to be the supportive girlfriend that he needs and who understands him and dating a military man will be sweet indeed.

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