Military Care Packages: Creative Ideas & Suggestions

Care packages are often what keep our soldiers going when they have been deployed and must be away from home for months at a time or longer. Although you may not want to think about the deployment, preparing some unique care packages to send to your long distance lover will help you both through this difficult time and hopefully help keep bring you closer together.

Before he leaves for his deployment, take some time to write down several little notes or inspirational quotes and then hide them in his clothes and bags for him to later find. These little notes will remind him of you and your deep devotion while he is away.

Bring Smiles to His Face

Create little special things for him that come from your heart, such as small crafts or maybe a Build-A-Bear with a voice recorder where you can record yourself telling him how much you love and miss him. Things like this will help him when he’s really missing you because he can listen to the sound of your voice at times when he can’t call. Sending crafts show him how much you care because of the time and effort you put into them and he will hold them close to his heart and think of your hands personally touching these items and making them with love.

Create a special calendar for your man with one photo of the your family for each month. Mix them up some: have some of the two of you together, some of just you, and if you have kids together, some of all of you and some of you and the kids, and maybe some of just the kids. This way he can look at you and his family while he is away. Circle and note important dates so your man can still feel like he is a part of these events and when he’s able, even call on those days.

Keep a notebook by your bed and write down any little items your man asks for so you won’t forget to send them, such as socks, etc. In this notebook, keep track of all the packages you send, what you send in them, and then date you send them out as well as the date your man receives them. When your honey returns home, this will serve as a great keepsake of his deployment.

Have friend and family write letters while he is away and keep them in a binder. When your husband returns, present him with this binder full of all the letters of his loved ones. It will make him feel so special that everyone wrote him such loving letters and to know how much he was missed when he returns.

Always add a little extra love with your love letters so your honey has a reminder of you when he gets them. If you use perfume, spray a little on each letter. If you use a certain kind of air freshener at home, send him little bottle of it so he can spray his tent, etc. with it and always have a reminder of home and you with him.

Get a small jar and fill it with little pieces of paper, each one with something you love about your spouse. Send it to him and tell him each time he is feeling down and lonely to take one out and read it. It will definitely lift his spirits.

These great tips should help give you some nice ideas about sweet care packages to send your honey while he is away from you. Remember, these things are often what keep our soldiers going while they are away from home, and it will help you feel closer to him as well, so it benefits you both in the long run.