Relocating Tips For Military Families


What To Do To Make The Move Easier On All. The average military family moves at least once every two years.

Military Care Packages: Creative Ideas & Suggestions


Care packages are often what keep our soldiers going when they have been deployed

How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships


If you are in or are about to begin a military relationship, you need to prepare yourself for the road ahead.

6 Struggles for Newly Married Couples

arguing couples

Maybe you thought your marriage was made in heaven. Or maybe you’ve just wished it was a fairy tale that you never awake from.

Dating a Military Man – Your Dream Guy?

dating a military man

The old saying goes that women “love a man in uniform.” That fact is still true and there are quite a few women finding themselves attracted to a military man.

Dating As a Challenge

dating challenges

For some people, dating is akin to a sport or quest. Sounds weird – but it is true. Instinctively we all like challenges.

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